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2-outlet AC Power Distribution Module for FT2 Series FlipTop, Switzerland, Type J

Series: FT2A-PWR

Model: FT2A-PWR-SW-2

Part #: 6508447

  • Suitable for use with for FT2 series FlipTop connection solutions
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Provides one or more AC power outlets within a Crestron® FT2 Series FlipTop™ for Switzerland and other locales.

Crestron® FT2A-PWR-SW Series AC Power Outlet Modules are designed for use with a Crestron FT2 Series FlipTop™ to provide one or more convenience receptacles to power laptops and other AC powered devices at the table. Two models are offered, providing a choice of one or two Type J outlets above the table. Each model also provides two outlets below the table. A single 2.44 meter (8 foot) long cable connects the AC power outlet module to an AC power source.
Each FT2A-PWR-SW series AC power outlet module is rated for 10 Amps at 220-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz. They are suitable for use in Switzerland and other countries or regions where Commerce Department Plug Type J power outlets are used. The single outlet module (FT2A-PWR-SW-1) occupies two module spaces within the FlipTop, while the dual outlet module (FT2A-PWR-SW-2) requires four module spaces.

  • Suitable for use with for FT2 series FlipTop connection solutions
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