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Backlit Button Caps for HTT-B10EX and HTT-B10X Keypads, Includes Custom Engraving, White Textured

Series: B10-BTN-T_5_ENGRAVED


Part #: 6501974

  • Suitable for HTT-B10EX series wireless tabletop keypads
  • Available in set of 5
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Provides a set of five buttons with custom backlit engraving for an HTT-B10EX series wireless tabletop keypad. Replaces all five buttons in either column of buttons on the keypad.


Provides a set of five backlit buttons with custom laser-etched engraving for an HTT-B10EX Series Wireless Tabletop Keypad. Replaces the five buttons in either of the two columns of buttons on the keypad. Buttons come configured together in a fixed strip of five buttons. Buttons cannot be rearranged or replaced individually. All five buttons must be specified and ordered as one complete columnar strip.

  • Suitable for HTT-B10EX series wireless tabletop keypads
  • Available in set of 5
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