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1/3" CMOS 5MP HD Document Camera

Model: 300AFHD


  • “Now Turbocharged with HDMI output!”
  • Crystal clear image quality with 5MP sensor
  • Quick response time Auto Focus
  • Powerful 16x zoom/pan
  • Embedded LED light module
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AVerVision 300AFHD is a high-definition document camera features crystal clear image quality with 5MP sensor, powerful 16x zoom/pan and embedded LED light module.

Got HDMI? HDMI output, Auto Focus and 30 frames per second display make the smallest details sharp and crisp! The 300AF series: the legacy mechanical arm document camera that established AVer’s high quality reputation, and transformed the learning environment for students and teachers nationwide.

HDMI. Oh My!

    New display? Take full advantage.
    Upgrading to new HD display technology? The 300AFHD's full 1080p (1920 x 1080) HDMI output allows connections to HD displays, taking full advantage of this feature-packed document camera's crystal clear video imagery. Now you can present the incredible details of our Solar System with vibrant clarity on your HDMI capable display device.

    Mega Impact
    The 300AFHD's 5MP, 16x zoom and one-touch, auto Focus combine to provide unsurpassed image quality with stunning detail in the shortest amount of time.

    A Sturdy Study
    With fully adjustable locking pieces, the neck and head of the 300AFHD easily rotate, swivel, expand and collapse for the perfect angle to display your worksheet, experiment or three dimensional objects.

    LED light module
    Usually when the projector is on, the lights are off. Since the 300AFHD can be connected to a projector, it has built-in LED lights in the camera head to illuminate and display the objects underneath beautifully.

    A+ Software Suite
    Free interactive A+ Software Suite comes complete with enhanced object oriented annotation project tools, image capture, video recording, LAN network ability and more. By running AVer's exclusive A+ Software Suite, you can drive 300AFHD's features using your PC or Mac. Easily record lessons. Add annotations, highlights, arrows and captions. Integrate 300AFHD video streams into your PowerPoint presentation or Integrated White Board. You can even upload recorded lessons to your favorite cloud-based share site.

    • “Now Turbocharged with HDMI output!”
    • Crystal clear image quality with 5MP sensor
    • Quick response time Auto Focus
    • Powerful 16x zoom/pan
    • Embedded LED light module
    • One button recording
    • America's Best Doc Cam Warranty program.
    • AVer A+ Software Suite. The Integration Specialist
      • Sphere2 Lesson Presentation Software.
        With Sphere2 it's all about the split screen- and share-ability. Feel free to split…the screen that is. Project a live F33 image, a live web cam image, and saved images /videos side by side. Why? Show exam questions next to sample answers. How to videos next to end results. The difference between an iceberg and a glacier is simple when seen. All the while, annotate, highlight and record the presentation and when finished, Sphere2 will upload to many social media sites – YouTube, Dropbox – to share with colleagues, students and more.
      • Interactive White Board or Tablet Plug-in.
        With the plug-in, AVer's F33 directly integrates into any IWB software to easily add pictures and live video. You can even use the IWB or tablet software to control the F33. That's the power of AVer integration.
      • Microsoft application plug-in.
        Place an AVer doc cam live image directly onto PowerPoint slides. You can even annotate over the entire slide (including the live doc cam image) as well as record the entire presentation.
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