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TecVision ALR Allows Projection in New Outdoor Market District

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TecVision ALR Allows Projection in New Outdoor Market District
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The 5th Street Public Market is a new outdoor market district located in Eugene, Oregon. The community gathering space includes restaurants, shopping, high end hotels, and luxury apartments. In addition to those amenities the market will seek to draw more people with movie nights, sports, and other entertainment.

Outdoor projection on the scale required for such a project can be tricky. There are many variables to consider, including ambient light, viewing angles, screen location, size, and the weather. In this instance, the area is covered so weather impact is reduced, but there were other challenges to be considered.

“I’ve designed a lot of projection systems over the years, but the size and ambient light made me a little nervous, so I reached out to Draper,” said Josh Seitz, vice president of sales & design for Ohm Systems.

“We arrived at this solution together with the aid of the Projection Planner, which I hadn’t used before.”

The Draper Projection Planner 2.0 calculates projection system brightness and contrast using input data such as seating distance, image size, the type of information being projected, ambient light levels at the screen and in the room, and the projector’s format, lumens, contrast ratio, and throw distance.

The planner recommended TecVision MS1000X ALR for this application. TecVision® MS1000X ALR has a 1.0 gain and is formulated for use in moderate to high ambient light applications. It rejects 73% of off-axis ambient light, is ISF certified for color accuracy, and is 8K ready.

“We also requested fabric samples and conducted several projector demonstrations to ensure that [client] expectations aligned with reality,” said Seitz. “Overall, the image quality is excellent after dusk.”

Due to the size of the seating area, a Draper Acumen XL V screen case was selected for the 16’ wide, 16:9 format screen. The Acumen XL is a below-the-ceiling projection screen for larger sizes that fits into the most elegant of settings. The smooth, curved aluminum housing and a white powder coat finish complement any design. Installation is quick and easy thanks to floating mounting brackets.

The project also included:

  • Epson L1755 (15K lumen, WUXGA) w/ semi-wide-angle (ELPLW06) lens
  • Crestron (Digital Media Presentation System (DMPS)
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Video sources including cable TV, streaming content (via AppleTV), a Denon Professional Blu-ray player, and a local HDMI to connect mobile devices.

You can find all of the technical specs for TecVision MS1000X ALR here: https://www.draperinc.com/projectionscreens/surfacedetail/126



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