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Casa De Villa


The Los Cabos Residence is located in San José del Cabo, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. The owners wanted their beach residence to be a modern paradise, where they could relax in the comfort of their home and enjoy events and parties with their family and friends.


The owners were already familiar with Crestron's automation solutions, as they have it in their first house and their penthouse. In this new project, they wanted to unify and standardize the programming for all their user interfaces including touchscreens, iPads, and iPhones. It was extremely important to them that they could use the same Crestron app to ensure that the graphic and logical aspects were identical. They wanted this achieved across all their residences, aiming for standardized, custom, and easy-to-use interfaces no matter where they may be.


AV Integrator Grupo Pax opted to upgrade and install each residence with Crestron 4-Series Processors. Thanks to their processing speed and memory, Grupo Pax had a solution that would provide modular programming architecture and excellent performance. For the implementation, having a secure connection was very important to ensure that the user interfaces had excellent connectivity which was made possible through the MyCrestron.com Dynamic DNS Service. The homeowners also benefitted from this selection and appreciated being able to monitor and change the programming remotely.

All of the family members were able to provide input on their specific tastes and needs which resulted in a standardization on Crestron's custom programming for their three residences. A lover of the Seventh Art, the homeowner wanted to have a cinema designed from scratch with the latest technology. The family wanted to return from their yacht trip on the Pacific Ocean to enjoy a movie in the comfort of their home. The result was a unique and stylish entertainment experience. The space doubles as an area where the children are able to enjoy playing their video games as well.


In combination with a breathtaking view and the sea breeze, Crestron’s technology solutions have transformed the Los Cabos Residence into a place where the family can live comfortably and stylishly. Happy and with their dreams made a reality, the family thanks Crestron and Grupo Pax for their commitment and professionalism.

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